TouchMedia's line of professional displays range from 6.4 inch in size, all the way to 104 inch, with optional embedded CPU modules, industrial or multi-touch touchscreen overlays, serial and SDI interfaces, even protective tempered glass. TouchMedia's standard line of touch screen kiosks are are unobtrusive, and are designed to easily fits into every architecture and interior design. Custom designs are also available when a special asthetic design or support for a specific hardware is required. TouchMedia smart digital signage counts people and distinguishes between male and female groups through facial recognition. Send targeted and customized messages according to the audience or make your signage interactive bringing both tracking and participation together like never before. GestureFX™from Gesturetech Interactive Projection systems transform your floors, walls or any surface into dynamic multimedia interactive visual displays! GestureTek’s patented body tracking technology responds to body movement onto any surface, of any size. < GestureTek's Illuminate interactive multi-touch surface computing technology with a motion sensing gesture control interface lets users navigate interactive content on a floating panel, multimedia kiosk, multi touch surface screen, interactive table or interactive window. Your real-time video image is transported into computer-generated landscape, interacting with onscreen characters and objects without having to wear, hold or touch anything. For entertainment, virtual reality physical therapy, and immersive play let patients rehabilitiate in a hygienic environment. 3D gesture control technology captures depth information surrounding a user's movements with unparalleled accuracy and resolution. Using depth sensing cameras, the system measures changes in positioning and distance and other elements within the scene, then displays lifelike 3D images onscreen.

TouchMedia offers professional displays from 6.4 inch to large format industrial displays of 108 inches, Interactive kiosks for normal commercial applications to rugged environmental applications, Interactive Multitouch display screens as multi touch suface computing tables, mulit-touch screens and multi touch panels or multitouch windows. Our multitouch surfaces offer both touch and point control.

We’re are an experienced integrator of sensor based and gesture control technology for interactive surfaces, signs, displays, devices and games. Our interactive floors, walls, windows, tables and screens are perfect for interactive advertising, entertainment and presentations.

We offer Interactive projection display systems with gesture based interactive special effects, advertising and games on interactive floors, walls, tables, windows and counters and bar tops.

Interactive digital signs and advertising by monitoring a visitors profile, age, sex and interaction produces meaningful customer contact information.

Immersive reality applications project a persons's real time video image onscreen for an immersive interactive experience for entertainment as well as sports and rehabilitation applications.

New 3D tracking or in the air touch less controls power gesture based TVs, depth sensing digital signs, digital signage and interactive hand tracking entertainment displays.

TouchMedia specialises in the implementation of the following technologies: Multiple Camera Control Systems, Multiple Camera Tracking Systems, Stereo Camera Control, 3D-Vision Image Control, Two Handed Movement and Bi-Manual Movements, 3D Face Capture.